Sunday, 23 March 2008

1230miles in...

I've now had the car for just over 2weeks and I've done 1230miles!

The car is going well, settling nicely into her stride.

I've added 2 modifications since picking her up.
1. Cruise Control - A simple indicator stalk swap out with a VAGCOM enablement.
2. "Premium Bluetooth" for the RNS510 Satnav - a comprehensive integrated bluetooth phone system that allows complete control of the mobile phone through the Satnav screen. Includes answering, dialing, phone book integration etc.

Very pleased with the car so far.


Digerati said...

Cool mod's - have followed suit with the cruise control, thanks for putting me in touch with Stu. Stu showed me the RNS510 - nice bit of kit, cannot justify the price though :)

icespirit said...

Great work. Do you have a copy of the original installation guides and part numbers? I've searched for countless hours but can't find any links which still work